Yuasa Professional 100 12v 70Ah 650CCA Car Battery (Use YBX3100 or YBX5100)

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Yuasa Professional 100 12v 70Ah 650CCA Car Battery (Use YBX3100 or YBX5100)

This battery has been superseeded by the
Yuasa 12v 71Ah 650A Car Battery YBX3100 (HB010 / HCB010)
Yuasa 12v 75Ah 680A Silver Car Battery YBX5100 (HSB010)
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 Yuasa Professional Car Battery type 100

Car Battery Part Number: 100
Voltage: 12v
Alternative Reference: 57113
Ampere-Hour Capacity (20hr Rate): 70Ah
Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) SAE/EN1 : 650
Reserve Capacity (Minuites) : 130
Recommended Charge Rate (Amps) : 4
Dimensions (L x W x H) : 278 x 175 x 175
Mean Weight With Acid (Kg) : 17.9
Handels : YES
End Venting: YES

Yuasa Professional

The Yuasa Professional range offers motorists a direct equivalent to the original fitted battery, long service life and over 25% more starting performance compared to conventional lead acid batteries,
Yuasa batteries have gained a reputation for proven battery performance and reliability that is expected from the world's leading lead acid battery manufacturer.
The complete range covering car, light vans, commercial vehicles, mototcycle, marine, leisure and mobility applications, come with the most advanced battery technologies available on the market today, exceeding the majority of OEM battery saftey and performance standards and delivering optimum performance and reliability in all conditions.

Before ordering

If you are unsure to what battery is fitted to your vehicle we recommend that you physicaly check the battery that is on it, check the measurements, polarity, capacity, connections etc to ensure that you are ordering the correct battery before you place the order.We are able to cross refrence most car batteries to the vehicle however our refrences are not always correct and we still recommend that you check the battery before ordering, We are unable to exchange car batteries once they have been fitted to the vehicle and will not refund them unless they are proven to be faulty by us, we do not accept other companies testing results.
If you order the incorrect battery it is your responsibility to return the battery at your cost, to us before we offer a refund or exchange the battery, we ship our car batteries to comply with current shipping regulations and in the event that you need to return the battery please note that most courriers will not carry car batteries, if you use a courrier to return the battery to us and the battery has been fitted,is damaged, worn, lost, or has been leaking in transit we will not refund or exchange the battery.


All car batteries come with a guarantee against premature failure due to faulty workmanship or materials only.
This guarantee does not cover sulphation, wear and tear, deep cycling, overcharging, physical damage, incorrect application.
The guarantee period is deemed to start - original battery : from date of purchase  - replacment battery: from date of purchase of original battery.
This guarantee obligation excludes
Failure resulting from wear and tear, misuse and negligence either before or during use. Examples are overcharging, deep cycling, sulphation and undercharging.
Failure resulting from use of any fluids other then distalled or deionised water, or from any action not recommended for Yuasa Batteries
Use of a battery type on a vehicle for which it is nor recommended, or on which it has been installed and commisioned incorrectly.
No guarantee claim will be actioned without a dated proof of purchase.
We will only replace or refund the faulty battery once they are proven to be faulty by us due to a manufacturing or material defect, we do not accept other companies testing results.


Due to shipping regulations we are only able to ship car batteries to UK Mainland addresses

Old Battery Disposal

We are able to dispose of old lead acid batteries free of charge, this includes Car batteries, Van batteries, Commercial Vehicle batteries, VRLA, Motorcycle batteries. Simply drop them off at our shop and we will dispose of them free of charge, even if you didnt buy the replacment from us, we do not recommend that you send old batteries by post or standard courrier to us due to them containing spillable, corrosive, dangerous chemicals and parts.